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YOQ®-2.0 SR

The YOQ®-2.0 SR is the adolescent self-report version of the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ® -2.01). It is designed to serve as an additional source of data in tracking treatment progress for adolescents ages 12-18 receiving mental health treatment. As with the YOQ®-2.01, the YOQ®-2.0 SR is specifically constructed as a progress tracking and outcome measurement device, unlike diagnostic measures oriented to the measurement of psychopathology. Through the use of cut-off scores and a reliable change index, the YOQ®-2.0 SR permits determination of the client's behavioral similarity at each measurement interval to a residential, partial hospital population, outpatient populations, and a large, untreated community sample.

We are pleased to be able to offer the YOQ®-2.0 SR to interested clinicians. Although we are excited about its use in tracking adolescent progress in treatment, it is important to note that the YOQ®-2.0 SR is NOT an equivalent form of, or interchangeable with, the YOQ®- 2.01. (As you may know, the YOQ®-2.01 is designed to be completed by the parent or guardian of the adolescent receiving mental health treatment). This is to be expected given the issue of accurate self-reporting by adolescents about sensitive issues. Therefore, the norms and psychometric properties are distinct for each instrument. However, it is our hope that the YOQ®-2.0 SR will continue to be studied in years to come, and that the preliminary data available in this first offering will be enhanced by the work of those interested in using this instrument.

Similar to the YOQ®-2.01, noteworthy features of the YOQ®-2.0 SR include:

  • Standardized data with sensitivity to change Based on normative data, the YOQ®-2.0 SR has been found to be both reliable and valid, yielding high internal consistency.  Statistically significant differences are present between the means for the clinical and normative samples
  • Content area that assesses functional level and change over time. As with the YOQ®-2.01, the YOQ®-2.0 SR is composed of 64 items that comprise six separate subscales designed to tap diverse areas of behavioral difficulties as well as including elements of healthy behavior. The subscales include Intrapersonal Distress (ID), Somatic (S), Interpersonal Relations (IP), Critical Items (CI), Social Problems (SP), and Behavioral Dysfunction (BD). As with the YOQ®-2.01, the YOQ®-2.0 SR cuts across treatment models, diagnoses, and disciplines, allowing for use and comparison in a wide variety of settings.
  • Ease of administration and scoring. The YOQ®-2.0 SR items are rated on a 5 point scale. Administration and scoring only take a few minutes.
  • Assists with treatment planning. Assessment of content areas allows for a more streamlined treatment plan and documentation.
  • Risk assessment. High score on the critical items scale indicate those who may need immediate intervention beyond standard outpatient treatment.
  • Compatibility with today's mental health arena. Nominal cost, brevity, and assessments of functional change are all factors that assist in today's world of cost containment, efficiency, and accountability for services provided. 
  • Languages: The Y-OQ® 2.0 SR is available in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, and Dutch 
The YOQ®-2.0 SR is available in our software product - The OQ®-Analyst. This software is designed to administer the YOQ®-2.0 SR in either electronic or paper format (e.g. Kiosk, PC, PDA or scanning). The OQ®-Analyst contains empirically and rationally derived algorithms that detect "failing" cases as well as plot improvement. To request a demo or order the OQ®-Analyst, click here. Learn more about the OQ®-Analyst.

OQ Measures also distributes the YOQ®-2.0 SR Paper and Pencil License. Learn more about the Paper License.

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